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Notebook repair tool* irda bga soldering station* best

High Quality and Economic T870 Infrared welder BGA station
1、Adopt infrared weld technology which is developed independently.
2、Use infrared heat lamp. Heat is easy to pierce and distribute evenly, which overcome disadvantage(burn out elements) of traditional welder machines.
3、Easy operation. Just need one-day training, you can operation it skillfully.
4、Don't need weld tools. IRDA Welder T870 can weld all the elements between 35x35-50x50mm (notebook, mobile….).
5、This machine has 800W hot-melt system. Its preheating area is 240x180mm.
6、Infrared heating don't have sirocco flow. Don't impact circumjacent small elements. It is suitable for all of the elements. It can be used to desolder BGA、SMD、CSP、LGA、QFP and PLCC, especially Micro BGA and SMD elements.
7、Definitely satisfy BGA unsoldering/repair of mobiles, computers, notebooks, the electronic game machines and so on; especially suits to the computer north and south bridge chip.
heating size of Infrared heat lamp
preheating size of Preheating chassis
Adjustable temperature of Infrared heat lamp
Adjustable temperature o Preheating chassis
Circuit Board support (PCB support)
1、Starting and inspections before starting:
①、Before starting the machine, please inspect the infrared lamp body、temperature sensor and power line and see if they are in good connection.
②、Turns on the power switch, then use self-checking first. ( The previous setting value demonstrated on the keyboard display monitor after you turn on the machine).
③、There are has two switches in the front panel . One controls the preheating chassis, the other controls the infra-red lamp body work; Presses the front panel “IR PRE-HEAT PLATE”; “▲”“▼”;, preheating temperature of preheating chassis ranges from 60-200℃; button “ON” and “OFF” are used to control preheating chassis to start and stop working. Presses the front panel “IR HEAT LAMP”; “▲”“▼”; temperature of infrared lamp body ranges from 100-350℃; button “ON” and “OFF” are used to control infrared lamp body to start and stop working.
2、Desoldering/repair operation:
Put PCB board on the corresponding notch in PCB support, and fasten the PCB handweel of board support, fix PCB board well. Then slide PCB support to select appropriate working position.
②、Adjustment and preparatory work before unsoldering/repair operation:
Adjust the PCB board position, make the center of chip that need to be unsoldered/repaired aimed vertically at the facula center of infrared lamp body. Then adjust the height of infrared lamp body, the ideal height between lamp and the unsoldering/repair article is 20-30mm.
Place the temperature sensor of infrared lamp in the suitable position nearby the chip. In order to measure a more accurate temperature, please spread welding flux around the chip as well as the head of the sensor. Welding flux also help BGA , simultaneously is helpful the solder to help welds the function, BGA welds the plate to be able to be completer, can prevent effectively welds the plate to stick and questions and so on tin wool.
If there is waterproof solid sealing colloid around the chip, you must first start the preheating chassis to melt colloid. When colloid is heated to soften or pulverized, please make the chip clean first. You can also use other chemical liquids to melt colloid. The process of melting colloid needs to operate under the required temperature that the factory suggests. The temperature can’t be too high, generally ideal temperature should be 120-140℃; preheating time 3 - 5 minutes or longer.
③、 Desoldering/repair operation:
According to the repaired articles’ technical requirement or PCB board size, adjust preheating temperature of preheating chassis between 60-200℃. Usually before the repair/unsoldering operation, please turn on the preheating chassis 3 – 5 minutes ahead of time, the temperature of preheating chassis can be stabilized in the required range.
According to the chip size and the welding technical requirement, selects the suitable heating temperature of infrared lamp between100-350℃ to meet the need of unsoldering/repair operation.
Common experience: according to the repaired chip size, adjust the suitable output temperature between 100-350℃ of the infra-red lamp; and chassis preheating temperature between 60-200℃.
When you unsolder and repair the chips which are smaller than the 20x20mm, you adjust the infrared lamp’s temperature to 280-320℃. If the chip has not the waterproof solid sealing colloid around it, or the PCB board is small and difficult to be distorted by temperature, you need not let the preheating chassis work before unsoldering/repair operation. But if it is not the case, please first turn on the preheating chassis, the suitable temperature is between120-140℃.
When unsoldering the chips which are bigger than 30x30mm, according to the craft and the user’s experience, you adjust the infrared lamp’s temperature at 320-350℃ and preheating chassis at 140-200℃.
When the temperature of preheating chassis are stabilized in the required range, you can do your unsoldering/repair process very easily and conveniently. At that time, the infrared light is the strongest, the chip’s temperature is risen quickly, you need pay attention to prevent the sensor ‘s displacement, because if the temperature measurement is not accurate; the chip is heated for too long time; the temperature is too high, the chip will be damaged.
Desoldering operation: Firstly, you fix PCB board, make the center of the infrared lamp aim at the unsoldered chip. Secondly, adjust the height of infrared lamp, place the temperature sensor in the right place, spread welding flux. Thirdly, set the preheating temperature of preheating chassis and the work temperature of infrared lamp, turn on the preheating chassis 3-5 minutes ahead of operation. Fourthly, when the temperature of preheating chassis stabilizes at the supposed temperature, please turn on the infrared lamp and wait the lamp to rise to the supposed work temperature. It is not until the tin on the pin is melt that you use vacuum tube or tweezers to take away the chip. Lastly, turn off the preheating chassis and infrared lamp. When main body of machine is cooled down, power off the machine.
Soldering operation: Total process is nearly same as unsoldering one. Only differences are as followings: first clean up the welding plate and the tin ball, preheat the PCB board, put the chip in the accurate place, then solder the chip according to the required temperature, cool the chip lastly.
Attentions in the process of Unsoldering/repair:
When unsoldering/repair quite big PCB board chip such as computer board, the entire board should be preheated fully, you need to do unsoldering/repair according to the PCB factory’s requirement or your experience. Only by this way can you prevent the PCB board distortion and consequent empty soldering etc.
In the process of unsoldering/repair, in the area that can be shined by the infra-red lamp, all the plastic plugs should be covered by the aluminum tin foil, to prevent temperature distortion. But it is just covered, not wrapped completely.
Until the unsoldered/repaired PCB board was coolded, it should be cleaned and dried first, then test and see if it works.
We guarantee the machine quality for a year. The service of infrared lamp is designed for 1000 hours. We guarantee the infrared lamp is used for three months. We provide infrared lamp, but not free of charge.
Pls contact us for E-user manual if have interest.
DHL to UK/Germany/France/Italy/Holland: 195USD
We have different socket adapters for PLCC, TSOP, SOP, TSSOP, PSOP, TQFP.....Pls check all listings.

Notebook repair tool* irda bga soldering station* best Notebook repair tool* irda bga soldering station* best Notebook repair tool* irda bga soldering station* best