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Generac guardian 25 kw generator model 5388 aluminum

Guardian QuietSource 25kW Liquid-Cooled Generator (Aluminum)
TO ORDER TODAY CALL (***)-593-5293 ASK FOR CRAIG. Not only does the current GUARDIAN liquidcooled line look different, but it sounds different too. Now known as the GUARDIAN Quiet Source line, these redesigned generators offer the exclusive Whisper-Test™ feature for ultra-quiet operation during the generators' weekly self-testing period. A special sound-deadening insulation lowers sounds levels by 2-3 dba.
25 kW Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator
QuietSource Liquid-Cooled Standby Generators
Just because your home requires more power doesn't mean you have to pay a whole lot more. Generac Power Systems has taken all of the leading-edge technologies from our industrial product line and applied them to our GUARDIAN QuietSource™ liquid-cooled products. The 18 kW unit costs thousands of dollars less than competitors' units. It also features automotive style, liquid-cooled engine, our exclusive patent-pending Whisper-Test™ feature and a corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure option. You won't find a more affordable product with this kind of power.
Our industrial grade automotive engines provide unmatched power and long life. If an engine is designed for a car to run hundreds of thousands of miles, just think how long a generator that never leaves your home will last!
GUARDIAN's exclusive patent-pending Whisper-Test low speed exercise feature makes our GUARDIAN QuietSource systems the quietest liquid-cooled generators on the market. Whisper-Test reduces noise by 50% during the generator's weekly automatic self-test cycle allowing for near silent operation that satisfies all known sound ordinances.
Corrosion-Resistant Protection
If you live near the coast or in an area with a lot of snow, you know how destructive salt and moisture can be. You can protect your standby power investment with a GUARDIAN QuietSource aluminum model. Our all aluminum enclosure provides corrosion-resistance that is far superior to anything else on the market.
* Liquid-Cooled Engine: Produces more electricity for greater needs
* Whisper-Test™: Patent-pending, self-test feature makes the GUARDIAN QuietSource quieter than a central air conditioner
* Clean Burning Fuel: Natural gas or LPV
Fuel Consumption NG (cu.ft./hr.)
Sound Output dB(A) at 23 ft. with generator operating at full load
Sound Output dB(A) at 23 ft. with generator in WhisperTest™ low speed exercise mode
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Generac 200 Amp Transfer Switch with Service Disconnect
The ideal solution for full house transfer up to 200 amps. Built-in main breaker saves time and money during installation. Designed to operate as a system with the Generac Express Series of residential generators, both air-cooled and water-cooled models.
* All switches are UL 1008 listed.
* Solid state control logic.
* Electrically-operated, mechanically-held contacts for fast, positive connections.
* Automatic weekly exerciser.
* Rated for all classes of load, 100% equipment rated, both inductive and resistive with no derations.
* Main contacts are silver plated to resist welding.
* 2 Pole 250 VAC contactors.
* 40 millisecond transfer time.

Generac guardian 25 kw generator model 5388 aluminum Generac guardian 25 kw generator model 5388 aluminum