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4 plastic coated magnet blocks 1 x 1/2" rare earth nd

4 side by side 4 standing up 4 side by side standing up Measure view lying down on flat side 1 single red block magnet
You can dive with them or leave them outside!
These little handy magnets are over 10 times stronger than regular icebox magnets. End less fun and helpful things to do with them. You can use them to pick up objects that you dropped or hang small items on the wall or icebox. Some people even say there good for healing cut spots (I’m not sure if this is true or not).
If you always are bored than these magnets will entertain you forever almost. You can make little objects and spin them around. They are so strong that you can put 2 between you whole hand! and they would hold there. You can also do strange magic tricks and impress your buds. They slide across the table at fast speeds to each other and do all sorts of fun tricks. Great for a child you know any age from kid to an adult in the office.
The set gives you so much more to do than one magnet. This makes Neodymium magnets much more interesting and lots of fun!
They are grade N42!!! Much stronger than N27 or N35.
5. Locationg nails under flooring
11. Attaching tracking devices on vehicles and equipment
14. Removing dents from brass musical instruments
17. Holding pacifier to doll's mouth
19. Securing a tarp to machinery or cars
20. Erasing video and audio tapes
23. Holding wings on model airplanes
25. Attaching Name tags to clothing without pins
27. Traction magnets for slot cars
28. Magnetic Couplers on Model Railroad Cars
29. Christmas Light and Decoration Hangers
38. Cleaning Fish Tanks from the Outside
39. Holding Spare Keys in Place - Car and Home
41. Making your own Fuel Mileage Extender
44. Attaching Bags to Motorcycles
45. Holding "Star Trek Transponders" to Costumes (no kidding)
47. Picking up Stray Nails and Screws
50. Replacement Magnets for Bicycle Computers
51. Accelerating the Aging of Wine and Liquor
52. Perpetual Motion (shall soon be discovered)
You can put 2 magnets (one on the front of your ear and one in the back of your ear) their magnetic force is so strong that they hold there. Looks like an big ear ring-block
NEODYMIUM IRON BORON MAGNETS (NdFeB) Known as third generation of Rare Earth magnets, Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets are the most powerful and advanced commercialized permanent magnet today. Since they are made from Neodymium, one of the most plentiful rare earth elements, and inexpensive iron, NdFeB magnets offer the best value in cost and performance. NdFeB magnets are available in both sintered and bonded forms. Sintered NdFeB offers the highest magnetic properties (28 MGOe to 50 MGOe) while Bonded NdFeB offers lower energy properties. Although bonded magnets do not possess magnetic properties as advanced as those of sintered magnets, they can be made in shapes and sizes that are difficult to achieve with sintering.
A variety of coatings can be applied to the magnets' surface to overcome the principle drawback of neodymium-based magnets, their tendency to corrode easily. These magnets Are coated with Nickle-Copper-Nickle to help keep from corroding, and won't break as easy. They will NEVER lose their attraction or pull-force.
Ionization potentials (eV): 5.5250
Isotopes: 142: 141.9077 , 27.2000%
Soft bright silvery metallic element, belongs to the lanthanoids. Seven natural isotopes, Nd-144 being the only radioactive one with a half-life of 10^10 to 10^15 years. Six artificial radioisotopes have been produced. The metal is used in glass works to color class a shade of violet-purple and make it dichroic. One of the more reactive rare-earth metals, quickly reacts with air. Used in some rare-earth alloys. Neodymium is used to color the glass used in welder's glasses. Neodymium is also used in very powerful, permanent magnets (Nd2Fe14B). Discovered by Carl F. Auer von Welsbach in Austria in 1885 by separating didymium into its elemental components Praseodymium and neodymium. The name comes from the Greek words 'neos didymos' which means 'new twin'. Neodymium should be considered highly toxic, however evidence would seem to show that it acts as little more than a skin and eye irritant. The dust however, presents a fire and explosion hazard.
I sell all sizes, shapes, grades, colors, and even rubber coated, or plastic coated magnets. Just contact me with the type and amount, and I will give you a free quote. Also feel free to ask any question about magnets, the dangers, or even how they work, or made.
Feel free to ask me any questions.
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4 plastic coated magnet blocks 1 x 1/2