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Spirent/netcom wn-3420 E1/2.048 mbps,wan framerelay/ppp

Spirent/Netcom WN-3420 WAN E1,1-port, SmartMetrics SmartCard. RJ-48 at up to E1 (2.048 Mbps) line rate in 64 Kbps increments. It requires one slot in an SMB-200/2000 chassis. How will you tell if your Frame Relay or PPP link to the WAN actually performs as you would expect? The solution is the SmartBits WN-3420, The WN-34xx SmartCards are network performance analysis tools that performs frame-level testing at full wire-rate for Frame Relay and PPP access devices, routers, and switches. Each card provides a single-port interface for generating and monitoring data network traffic over WAN links. You can use your WN-34xx SmartCards with other SmartBits SmartCards/modules to test high-performance internetworking between Frame Relay/PPP devices and LAN, ATM, or other Frame Relay/PPP devices, via Layer 2 and Layer 3 tests. The SmartWindowand Smart Applications GUIs that support the WN-34xx make it easy for you to perform throughput, packet loss, latency, back-to-back, and sequence tracking tests on systems ranging from a single device under test (DUT)to a full-blown internetwork. All tests supported by the WN-34xx are also available via the SmartLib API, allowing for integration with existing C, C++, or Tcl application sets. ScriptCenter offers both GUI and scripting options for setting up tests using the WN-34xx modules. The WN-34xx can perform layer 2 latency measurements using the trigger mechanism.
The WN-34xx SmartCards include a flexible Q.922 2-byte header format with RFC 1490 encapsulation support. Also, support a single PPP session (RFC 1662), including optional PAP or CHAP authentication. Up to 128 (256 when using SmartLib) individual IP and/or UDP traffic streams may be carried across the PPP link.
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Spirent/netcom wn-3420 E1/2.048 mbps,wan framerelay/ppp Spirent/netcom wn-3420 E1/2.048 mbps,wan framerelay/ppp