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Vise jaws soft 8"X2-1/2"X1-1/4" in. alum. set - 2 jaws

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This item is VJ-802.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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MTM Tool Supply Inc. offers a full range of machine shop supplies. We offer many types of jaws. These include vise jaws, chuck jaws, Buck Chuck, pie jaws, hard jaws, soft jaws,
Kurt Vise jaws, steel jaws, round jaws, Kitagawa jaws, aluminum jaws, flat jaws, pointed jaws, serrated jaws, snap jaws, and tongue & groove jaws. Many types of collets and collet
accessories are available. These include R8 collets, 5C collets, collet extensions, collet chucks, ER collets, 16C collets, AF collets, collet pads, collet trays, collet wrenches, DA collets,
TG collets. Other products include Cutting Tools, Vises, Tool Holders, Drills, Tools, Bushings, Lathe Tooling, Indexable Tools, Indexable Drills, end mills, twist drills, taps,
This item's part number is VJ-802.

Vise jaws soft 8