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New general radio gr 1412-bc precision decade capacitor

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General Radio 1412-BC Decade Capacitor NEW (Old Stock)
50 pf to 1.11115 µf, 4 decades + continuously variable 5th decade
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Description: The General Radio 1412-BC Decade Capacitor combines a wide capacitance range and high resolution. Exceptionally useful for both laboratory and general testing. Extremely high quality polystyrene capacitors ensure stability and a very low dissipation factor. Four decades plus an air variable capacitor provides resolution of 1pf and continuous adjustment between the 100 pf steps. Accuracy is ± 0.5% + 5pf. This unit is sealed in it's original bag and includes all OEM accessories. Picture is of a stock unit since this unit is sealed.
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Other: OEM Standard Accessories
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