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New baileigh sh-8008HD 80" 8 ga heavy duty hyd shear

New Baileigh Model SH-8008-HD 80” Long 8 Gauge Capacity Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear, 15HP, 220V, 3PH
Capacity is 8 gauge mild steel or 11 gauge stainless steel
Hold downs included are 11 with 5.6 tons of pressure
Top blade has hydraulic adjustments for the rake angle
Top blade rake angle 1/2-2 degrees
Hydraulic Oil Capacity is 35 gallons
Packing size is 120” x 48” x 65”
Service requirement is 220 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz
The SH-8008-HD metal shear is built of heavy plate that is electro welded together making it a very smooth running machine even at full cutting capacity. This machine uses industrial grade hydraulics to power the top shearing cartridge through metal with ease. The top carriage is held in position via 3 axis bearing system that rides in a machine ground and hardened track that allows the machine to function so smoothly and it also dramatically increases blade life. For different thicknesses there is a blade gap adjustment.
This metal shear has blades with multiple cutting edges extending blade life. There are 11 hydraulic hold downs that securely hold the material and prevent it from lifting when shearing the sheet metal. The hold downs also extends blade life and prevent unnecessary upper carriage stress.
On the control panel there is an dial that allows the operator to change the rake angle of the shear blade to eliminate twisting or curling of the metal. This metal shear has a function that allows the operator to jog, complete one cycle, or have the machine run continuous cycles for high production of smaller parts. Like all Baileigh metal shears, this one will offer years of productivity to any fabrication shop.

New baileigh sh-8008HD 80