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New 9PCS 1/8" 4 flute solid carbide endmill made in uk

* Engineered to provide maximum tool life and superior surface finish
* Rockwell Hardness of this endmill: 92rc
* Flute Length: .5000 (1/2")
* Cutter tolerance: +0.000, - 0.002
* Shank Diameter Tolerance: +0.0000, - 0.0005
Types of Workpiece Material Recomendations:
* Plastic, Glass Bonded
* Steel, Low Carbon
* Steel, Hardened Below 50RC
* Flood Coolant increases tool life and the quality of the finish cut
* Hone or grind a slight radius on the outer cutting tip for better tool line in interupted cuts
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New 9PCS 1/8 New 9PCS 1/8