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Baileigh bb-7212 72" box & pan brake 12 gage

Baileigh 72" Box & Pan Brake 12 Gage
The BB-7212 sheet metal bending brake is a 72" box and pan style brake that can be used as a straight brake or can be configured to make up to 6" deep pans utilizing a combination of 17 varying sized hardened fingers. This sheet metal tool is built very heavy weighing in at almost 2500 lbs and can easily bend up to 12 gauge thick mild steel or 16 gauge stainless steel. The apron is rigidly supported by a heavy duty truss rod system that eliminates any deflection throughout the span of the apron within the gauranteed capacity. The effort the operator has to use is minimized due to two heavy counter weights that help lift the apron that rides on lube for life precision bearings, which increases production and accuracy of the bend. A positive stop rod system is employed when multiple repeatable bends are required. Like all Baileigh sheet metal equipment, the BB-7212 comes with a rigid bending stand that is the proper height to increase production and reduce operator error and fatigue.
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